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Fighting acne can be really hard at times, especially with the pollution and the environmental stress our skin has to bear on a daily basis.
We have been there and understand acne can be both painful and irritating, hence blended these power ingredients to create a soap that not only heals acne but also helps to prevent them from reoccurrence on daily usage.

One of the most common beauty hacks is to deal with that stubborn acne. The causes could be both internal such as hormonal, liver malfunction or external such as environmental stress, lifestyle challenges, improper eating habits, etc, however, the effect is always irritating and painful.

It worsens all the more when we aren’t aware or mindful about what we are putting on the skin. Often times we get allured to use chemical-laden beauty products which promise to get rid of the symptoms easily, however, we need to keep in mind there is no quick fix to anything.

The superfood to cure acne is activated charcoal in combination with Indian healing clay, coconut oil, and tea tree oil. These magical blends not only deep cleanses the skin and helps to get rid of the pollution it also helps in hydration and healing.

The regular use of this combination can also help in preventing the recurrence of acne.

We would love to take you through some of the recent success stories and happy customer testimonials that we have. We envision to guide you with the most suitable product for your skin.

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