New Year Resolutions, Styled by Art!

New Year resolutions, styled by art!

Every year begins with a long list of new year resolutions promising an improved version of ourselves by the twelfth month. We feel the most motivated for the first few days and sooner or later it starts to fade out.

It’s just the third week of 2020 and a few of those resolutions are long gone already, right? Don’t worry, it happens to most of us and Kikito is here to help!

A great way to stick to your new year resolutions is to invest in something unique that compels you to perform your promised resolution task EVERYDAY like it’s the 1st of January. Here’s how you can make those commitments stick with art by your side.

  • Resolve to Recycle

Day in and day out, we, collectively are creating tons of waste that becomes difficult to manage over time. And textiles are one of the major contributors to this waste management problem. Recycling is always a good idea and it’s the way forward to help our dear planet Earth.

Motivated by this situation, our artist at Eco regain designs beautiful denim bags and pouches that are fashionable, chic and they help the environment too.

Look for yourself: Eco Regain

Eco Regain
  • Reading more this year?

Does your resolution say less Netflix more reading?

You should totally take up the #12Months12Books challenge to start with and we will give you a magnetic formula to keep you hooked to those books.

These artist-made magnetic bookmarks are super cute and affordable to invest in. Get this set of eight and proactively bookmark the number of pages that you’ll be reading every day for the next eight days. It will help you to form this new habit and you’ll definitely achieve your reading goals this year.

Pick your favourite: Ghosts or succulents?

  • Write down your dreams

Did you know you are more likely to make a dream come true if you have written it down? It helps you to stick to your goals more religiously as it registers deep into your subconscious mind. And if the notebook you write in is a one styled by art, it’s like a  cherry on the top.

Checkout these diaries and see your dreams manifest into realities:

Beautiful brown paper diaries
Beautiful brown paper diaries
Quirky, cute ruled notebooks
Quirky, cute ruled notebooks
Sassy and classy diaries
Sassy and classy diaries
  • Self love is the best love!

Is this year all about falling in love with yourself?

It’s a beautiful feeling when you make YOU a priority and it does wonders in your everyday life.

You can do this by finding more me-time in your busy schedules, spending quality time with your friends, finding a new hobby, shopping for yourself, etc. While most of these changes will have to come from you, we can definitely help you with the last bit. Gift yourself all things pretty that make YOU happy. Have a look at your artist’s handmade prettiness and choose your favourite ones:

  • Lighten up!

Let’s be honest, all this new year resolution hustle is going to be tiring.

Taking a break is equally important! Coming back home every night to the perfect relaxing light setting sounds like a plan.

We can make this experience unique with a wide range of EXCLUSIVE handcrafted decoupage bottles to light up your space that leaves a calming effect and rejuvenates you for the next day.

Light up your space with these artist made prettiness: Asterimos

  • Embrace that Wanderlust

Love travelling but can’t make more time for it? Behold a Travel themed calendar!

Let’s go 2020!

Every month awaits an illustration that will take you to beautiful landscapes, wonderful places, and magical experiences that will motivate you to plan more holidays and cover more destinations this 2020!

Hope you love these tips and tricks to stick to some of the common new year resolutions.

From Kikito and Co, we wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and we believe in you that your New Year Resolutions will see the 31st of December this year.

Did we miss to mention your new year resolution? Let us know and we will help you style them by Art!

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