Full Course Meal on Desi Design Trends


We all have a style of how we dress up for our everyday life. Casual dressing is what really defines us as a person.

It’s a way we like to carry ourselves around every day. Unlike being dressed for occasions, casual dressing stands firm on comfort first.

Comfort can be different for every individual. You might be comfortable in bellies, but your friend might be equally comfortable in high heels. And dressing up as up your comfort is important for who you are, and one shouldn’t give up on that.

One of the popular dressing trends now a days is a desi designer wear. Don’t get thrown away by the word designer.

Desi designer styles are basically approach of wearing handcrafted or ‘Suti’ or any Indian design patterns. You can find Jewellery, Kurti’s & Tops and even shoes of such fashion.

Presenting two such brands that define desi designer style in their own way. Koyri, a women’s footwear brand that gives an artistic desi touch to your footwear. Koyri presents you with exclusive collection that blooms essence of India with your presence.

Kalakari is a brand that adds pieces of happiness and art, shaped by hand to your daily dressing style. The bold and rustic appeal of their artwork makes it wonderful to use with ethnic attire for a fusion vibe.

Our collection of such ethnic style has certainly brought happiness to the consumers of Koyri and Kalakari. Both the brands have been selling exclusively on www.kikitoandco.com, a platform on a mission to provide a marketplace for upcoming artists.

Do visit our latest ethnic collection of Juttis and Handcrafted Jewellery now!

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