Joyful Feeling of turning our Home to a Sweet Home!


Hello and Welcome!!! To the first ever Elate Hues blog post! I’m already very excited to interact with all of you and talk about the colors, flowers, decor, happier vibes and Joyful Feeling of turning our Home to a Sweet Home .  

So, finally it’s the festive season here :), that time of the year again when we like to use our weekends for ourselves and our houses get ready to look and feel fabulous, isn’t it? Yes right! So I’m very excited to decorate the house that makes me feel good and my friends and family welcomed. 


I’m obsessed with colors and natural plants so the first pick on my checklist would be buying a few fresh beautiful indoor plants to freshen up my home vibes. Try used mason jars or glass bottles to recycle it to grow up a hanging money plant, it looks fabulous and is inexpensive as well. You can easily breathe new life in your space simply by placing it at the right spots. Secondly, I totally believe investing in good cushions/pillow covers coz this can really brighten up your living areas, bedrooms, as they are great to snuggle, makes the space comfortable and create a perfect look to your couches/beds. Try to mix match heavy prints with sober plains, play around with sizes and style it up all your way.  


This year, I’m extremely excited to set up some new cushion covers which I have created with very unique, cheery and colorful artworks of my own, printed on premium cotton fabrics and they are super fabulous to keep the couches and beds bloomed with a spark of fresh and joyful feeling to make home, Sweet Home! 

So try to spend this Sunday looking up some cheerfulness for your homes to prep up with and let us know. 🙂

We would love to know your favorite home decore vibe, we will try to incorporate the same in our next collection!

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