Essentials to make your home, style by art!


“Art in home décor speaks about the people who live in that home”

Art tells us a story without saying much. It is a language and expresses a lot throughout. In today’s world an art is much more than just a frame on the wall or vase in the corner of the room.

 A well planned home décor can plan its artwork along with the complete interior of the house. Having an art in the house certainly brings in life to us! It can be your cushion covers or a chandelier, your table lamp or a jewellery box that can light up your house for you.

Art helps define a space

Art is all about one’s power of imagination. You can lay down your imaginations and live in the same. It helps you build your space a story you want to tell or read again and again. Art does it for you.

Create a Colour palette for rooms

Why have a boring white and yellow walls around? Bringing in just bright colours aren’t convincing enough as well? Bring in the right piece of art and see the magic for yourself

Teaches life lesson of patience

Art is a work of patience and so is life. Every artwork has a story to tell. Story of patience, hard work, belief. An art always produces such positive vibes around it.

Easy on the eyes

Art isn’t something that is very dominating on the eyes instead it brings soothing and warm feeling to one. It has power to pull people towards it.

However, finding the right art for your home is as difficult as anything else. And upgrading it gradually is even more difficult. Ever wondered if you could find all needed artwork at one place. Well www.kikitoandco.com does it for you, bringing artist’s work directly on your screen.

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Kikito and co is India's First Fin-Commerce marketplace for artisans. We help artisans to grow their business the right way.

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