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Blog – Where we converse

Who deserves a chance | kikito and co - India's First fin-commerce marketplace for artisans.

Who Deserves a Chance ?

Who deserves a chance? It happens. Has happened to me, must have happened to you and If not, sooner or later It will. When you are at serenity, taking a walk, talking to your best friends and suddenly you realize there’s much more that you could do. Maybe you could write, paint, sing or cook, [...]
Exclusive | kikito and co - India's First fin - commerce platform for artisans

All about Kikito Exclusive

All about Kikito Exclusive! Look around you and you will find art! It’s everywhere, all you need is an eye for it. Art can be found in a significant completed piece of graffiti by an artist or in the form of a beautifully shaped leaf, just fallen on the ground waiting to be turned into [...]
Who is an artist - India's First fin-commerce marketplace for artisans.

Who is an Artist ?

Who is an Artist? There’s something hauntingly beautiful about Mornings. You get up early in the morning, do your morning rituals, brew yourself a nice cup of coffee and move yourself to your balcony or a terrace. Its fresh and cool outside, you take deep breath of that freshness and your body, soul, mind awakens [...]
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